About Us
Alex Schrack
Chief Operating Officer

Originally brought on as PC Housing’s Director of Human Resources in 2015, within 2 years of her tenure, Alex was promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

With over 25 years of experience in leadership and providing results oriented, strategic support in alignment with business goals and objectives, Alex’s career spans financial, mobile wireless and real estate/construction industries and has worked for multi-state organizations with offices in Hawaii, Nevada, Texas, Canada, Oregon, North Carolina and Massachusetts with employee groups of 70- 2,000+.

Successfully leading PC Housing through periods of significant growth and challenging initiatives, Alex is passionate about building relationships, partnering with leaders to provide both tactical and strategic support and solutions by leading a continuous improvement culture where all employees have a voice to affect and influence change.

Her motto and the foundation of PC Housing’s success: "People are our most valuable asset and we owe it to everyone – employee’s, vendors, clients and / or guests to do what’s right and to do what’s fair."